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Unique landmark to better corporate image

The futuristic landmark not only offers customers a unique spatial experience, but also helps better corporate image.
Curvilinear lobby: Total 12 curvilinear lobbies offering a striking first impression
Natural lighting: The shallow floor plate and transparent glass guarantee enough natural lighting
Exquisite details: Arranging tailor-made chairs and tables with curvilinear appearance

Various types of office units are available to satisfy various customers’ needs and help express the distinct company culture.
Duplex compound office: Offering the access to scenic views of the cityscape
Bridge office: Providing special spatial experience
Scenic platform office: Presenting the views of resembling nature’s manmade canyons
Office with balcony: Offering close outdoor communication space
Storefront office: Revealing unique company products and corporate image


Located on the B1 and L1 levels, SKY SOHO has retail gross floor area of about 30,000 square meters, providing a convenient place for fine dining, shopping, and a 5000-sqm cinema to the surrounding offices’ staff and visitors.

Green Office

SKY SOHO has achieved LEED Gold Pre-certification and is determined to provide a comfortable and effective working environment.

  • Clean air
    - Achieved the 90% removal rate of PM2.5 in air, with static electricity dust elimination plus medium efficiency filter system
  • Abundant greenery
    - 30% coverage of greenery and over 6,000 m2 roof garden
  • Environmental-friendly materials
    - High quality of materials for interior decoration, including paints, adhesives, etc
  • Adopting gray water and water efficient fixtures to reduce potable water consumption
  • Green transportation
    - Bicycle storage, connection with public transport hubs

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Channing District, Shanghai

Beidi Road, near Xiehe Road